Egorov, Alexey

Geospatial Analyst
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2015 – Ph.D. in Biology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University. Thesis title: “Structure of biodiversity of plant communities of  the Teberda reserve" (North-West Caucasus).

1995 – M.Sc. in Biology. Faculty of Biology, Dept. of Botany and microbiology, Yaroslavl State University.  Thesis title: "Changes of mountain plant communities of Karachayevo-Cherkessia under pasture influence".

Alexey Egorov joined the GSCE as a Geospatial Analyst in May 2009. He is working on a NASA-funded research project entitled “Web-enabled Landsat data (WELD) — a consistent seamless near real time MODIS-Landsat data fusion for the terrestrial user community” with Dr. David Roy and Dr. Matthew Hansen. His duties include developing methods for mass-processing Landsat, Ikonos and QuickBird images for land cover and change characterizations.

Alexey is originally from Pushchino (Russia). He has a Ph.D. degree from Moscow State University in Biology. His Ph.D. research involved investigating of relationships between ecological variables and habitat suitability for alpine plants' species of Teberda reserve (Russia, North-West Caucasus).


Peer-reviewed publications:

  • Matthew  Hansen, Peter Potapov, Scott Goetz, Svetlana Turubanova, Alexandra Tyukavina, Alexander Krylov, Anil Kommareddy, Alexey Egorov, 2015. Mapping tree height distributions in Sub-Saharan Africa using Landsat 7 and 8 data, Remote Sensing of Environment. Under review.
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Other publications:

  • Egorov, A., Onipchenko, V.G., Tekejev, D.K., Habitat ecological properties of alpine plant species in Teberda reserve (Transactions of the Teberda reserve. Issue 52). Kislovodsk, 2012, 256 pp. (in Russian, English resume)
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