Hanan, Niall P

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PhD London University - Queen Mary College

Research Interests: 
Savanna, dryland and grazing systems ecology; coupled natural-human systems; remote sensing and modeling of vegetation dynamics

Tree-Grass Leaf Area Index Partitioning for Africa (Beta-Version)


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Dr. Niall Hanan is a community and ecosystem ecologist with particular research interests in the ecological and biogeochemical dynamics of tropical and temperate grasslands and savannas. He approaches these subjects at a range of spatial and temporal scales, from detailed plot-based experimentation, to landscape-scale observations, to landscape, regional and continental scale remote sensing and modeling. His on-going research includes studies of coupled ecohydrological and social systems in semi-arid grazing lands, carbon cycle measurement, remote sensing and modeling, and studies of changing patterns of land use, access to resources and social conflict in agricultural and pastoral communities of West Africa.  Hanan’s research is currently supported via grants from the US National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA and the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Earlier sponsors have included the Department of Energy (DOE), NOAA, National Geographic Society, and others. Hanan completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in Liverpool and London (UK), respectively.


Current Graduate Students

Christoffer Axelsson (GSE PhD Student)

Njoki Kahiu (GSE PhD Student)

Brianna Lind (MSc Biology, 2015 & GSE PhD Student)

Kaboro Samasse (GSE PhD Student)


Recent Events:

Sahara paper: A paper by Dong Yan and collaborators shows clear distinctions among northern, southern and east-central phenological regions in the Sahara desert (http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/2016JG003441). 

SERVIR Press release (9/27/2016): http://www.sdstate.edu/news/2016/09/scientists-monitor-forests-grassland...

Niall and Mike Wimberly recently participated in two NASA-SERVIR events in Niger (a planning workshop for the new SERVIR regional center at AGRHYMET, 8/30-9/1) and Alabama (Advanced Science Team meeting, 9/13-9/15).  Niall will also attend a SERVIR Global partnership meeting in Nepal (10/25-10/28). 

Special Issue on savannas published in PTRS-B (http://rstb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/371/1703) (September 2016)

Niall, Kaboro and Shauna BurnSilver (https://sustainability.asu.edu/person/shauna-burnsilver/) conduct workshop on "Pastoralism under Conflict" (exploring adaptation strategies of pastoral communities in northern Mali in response to recent conflict) (July 2016)

Two NASA-SERVIR grants awarded for Niall and Mike Wimberly to serve on the Applied Sciences Team advising the new SERVIR hub for West Africa based at AgrHyMet in Niamey (https://servirglobal.net/Global/Articles/Article/2507/new-servir-applied...) (July 2016)

Garth Wadsworth wins SDSU undergraduate research prizes for his poster ("Climate, Agricultural Security & Conflict in Africa") exploring links between climate variability, range & agricultural productivity, socioeconomic variables and civil war (http://www.sdstate.edu/news/articles/urscad-2016.cfm) (April 2016)

Carbon exchange in Great Plains grasslands (Petrie et al., 2016)

Hanan invited to Gujarat and Bangalore to present at pastoral systems conference (Ramble) and NCBS (December 2015)

Post-doc Armel Kaptue published an article on Sahelian regreening and desertification in PNAS (2015)

Continuing discussion of alternate stable state detection in savannas in GEB (Staver and Hansen, 2015, and Hanan et al., 2015)

Recent PhD graduate student Andrew Tredennick publishes on savanna dynamics in American Naturalist (2015)

Global savanna analysis published in Science (2014)

Discussion of alternate stable state detection in savannas in GEB (2014)




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Jan 03, 2017