Homer, Collin Gordon

Ph.D. Geospatial Science & Engineering

Collin Homer is a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Loveland. Collin is also a biologist/research manager with USGS at EROS, where he serves as the Project Manager/Research Scientist for both the Land Characterization and National Land Cover Database projects. During the past 17 years, his research efforts have focused on developing landscape scale remote sensing models, methods and databases that incorporate image development, ancillary data modeling, field sampling and GIS analysis to address land cover and biological issues. The goal of Mr. Homer's Ph.D. research is to develop rigorous remote-sensing quantification of sagebrush rangeland vegetative components across multiple scales, quantify the component change historically to establish trends, validate the significance of the measured trends through sagebrush obligate species occurrence models, and ultimately recommend a sagebrush monitoring design that incorporates remote-sensing methods to monitor habitats into the future.

Collin holds a BS in Geography from Weber State University and an MS in Wildlife Management from Utah State University. Prior to his career with the USGS, Collin served as the Assistant Director of the Remote Sensing Laboratories at Utah State University, where he conducted land cover research and analysis as a Principle Investigator on many projects across Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and Texas.

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Jul 23, 2014