Senay, Gabriel

Adjunct Professor
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Regional Water Balance Assessment and Monitoring

Dr. Gabriel Senay is a Research Physical Scientist with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earth Resource Observation and Science (EROS) center and an Adjunct Professor at South Dakota State University. His academic and research background is in agricultural engineering, hydrology and remote sensing. He teaches the “Remote Sensing of Water Resources” at SDSU. He specializes in developing agro-hydrologic models for assessing and monitoring regional water balances, agricultural performance and large-scale drought monitoring. His crop monitoring products are used for decision-making in a wide variety of agencies including USAID, USDA, the World Food Program and the World Bank. He is currently involved in monitoring crop performance in Africa, Central America, South-East Asia and the US and developing new algorithms for computing evapotranspiration from remotely sensed data. His efforts to make remote sensing technology applicable to small-scale farmers and other end-users have been recognized through several local and national awards. Dr. Senay has worked for the US EPA as a remote sensing scientist, developing a water quality mapping program in the monitoring of the "health" status of stream ecosystems using remotely sensed data and worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Oklahoma State University where he participated in the Southern Great Plains field experiment. He is a licensed professional engineer and obtained a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering from Alemaya University in Ethiopia, an M.S. in Hydrology from Wageningen University, The Netherlands and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from The Ohio State University.

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Aug 18, 2015