Student paper published

Current post-doctoral fellow and recent GSE graduate Valeriy Kovalskyy had two peer-reviewed papers recently appear from his dissertation work:  Kovalskyy V and GM Henebry. 2012. A new concept for simulation of vegetated land surface dynamics: The Event Driven Phenology Model Part I. Biogeosciences 9:141-159; doi:10.5194/bg-9-141-2012. Available online: Kovalskyy V and GM Henebry. 2012. Alternative methods to predict actual evapotranspiration illustrate the importance of accounting for phenology: The Event Driven Phenology Model Part II. Biogeosciences 9:161-177; doi:10.5194/bg-9-161-2012. Available online: 

Professor David Roy awarded the University’s highest research honor: the F.O. Butler Award for Excellence in Research.

I am pleased to announce that last night at the annual Celebration of Faculty Excellence dinner, Professor David Roy was awarded the University’s highest research honor: the F.O. Butler Award for Excellence in Research.


From the program notes: “Dr. Roy is a member of the NASA MODIS land science team, the NASA Land-Cover/Land-Use Change science team, the GOFC-GOLD Fire Implementation team, and is a member and co-chair of the USGS NASA Landsat science team.  He has published more than 65 articles in peer reviewed journals.  Since he joined SDSU in 2005 he has been Principal Investigator on NASA grants that total $10 million.  The majority of his research concerns the development of satellite remote sensing and advanced computing methods to map and characterize terrestrial change.”


On behalf of the Center, let me extend  our congratulations to David for his continuing hard work toward advancing the science and practice of Earth observation!



Current GIScCE Ph.D. student Amadou Dieye had a new paper published

Student paper published 

Dieye, A. M., Roy, D.P., Hanan, N.P., Liu, S., Hansen, M., Toure, A., 2012, Sensitivity analysis of the GEMS soil organic carbon model to land cover land use classification uncertainties under different climate scenarios in Senegal, Biogeosciences, Earth observation for Land-Atmosphere Interaction Science Special Issue, 9, 1-18.

Dissertation defense successful

Naga Manohar Velpuri successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Satellite Driven Hydrologic Modelling of Ungauged Lakes and Reservoirs: Applications in East Africa."