Former Personnel

Name Position Supervisor Start Date End Date Destination after GSCE
Ju, Junchang Assistant Research Professor Roy 08/01/06 07/21/11 Senior Scientific Programmer, NOAA/NESDIS, Camp Springs, MD
Amatulli, Giuseppe Postdoctoral Fellow Roy 06/12/12 04/26/13 Yale, Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Amatya, Sadichya Geospatial Research Assistant Henebry 07/01/12 06/22/14 Private Sector
An, Shuai Geospatial Analyst
Asante, Kwabena Adjunct Professor USGS 03/07/07 03/06/08 Independent Consultant for Climatus, LLC-Mountain View, CA
Baer, Adam Geospatial Analyst Cochrane 06/01/06 11/16/10 Private Sector
Barber, Christopher Postdoctoral Fellow Cochrane
Bierschbach, Vicki Senior Secretary Henebry 08/12/13 09/15/15 Private Sector
Chang, Jiyul Postdoctoral Fellow Hansen 06/06/06 05/21/09 SDSU-Plant Science - Research Assoc. II
Cochrane, Mark Professor
de Beurs, Kirsten Postdoctoral Fellow Henebry 01/03/06 08/31/06 Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin
Doubkova, Marcela Geospatial Analyst Henebry 08/14/06 03/16/07 Geospatial Analyst, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
Freeborn, Patrick Postdoctoral Fellow Cochrane USFS Fire Lab - Missoula
Gallant, Alisa L. Adjunct Professor
Getinet, Aklilu Visiting Scientist
Giacomo, Paolla Geospatial Analyst Wimberly
Hanan, Niall P Professor NMSU
Hansen, Matthew Founding Co-Director Provost 07/18/04 08/21/11 Professor, University of Maryland, Dept of Geographical Sciences
Jayavelu, Senthilnath Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Xiaoyang Zhang 02/19/15 11/18/16
Kaptue, Armel Postdoctoral Fellow Hanan
Kelgenbaeva, Kamilya Postdoctoral Fellow Henebry 12/01/15 12/01/15
Kelley, Melaine Senior Secretary 06/22/16 06/21/17 Private Sector
Khand, Kul Research Assistant 05/06/16 05/06/16
Kommareddy, Anil Computer and Information Research Scientist Henebry 11/01/05 06/15/15 University of Maryland-College Park
Kommareddy, Indrani Research Associate II Roy University of Maryland-College Park
Kovalskyy, Valeriy Assistant Research Professor Roy
Krehbiel, Cole Geospatial Analyst Henebry 11/23/15 04/22/16 EROS Data Center
Lamsal, Aashis Geospatial Analyst Wimberly 06/22/11 06/21/14 Geospatial Applications Developer at the US Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center, Utah
Li, Jian Postdoctoral Fellow David, Roy
Li, Zhe Postdoctoral Fellow Hansen 07/09/07 06/05/08 Post-Doctoral Fellow, East-West Center, Honolulu, HI
Liu, Shuguang Adjunct Professor Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Changsha, Hunan, China
Liu, Zhihua Postdoctoral Fellow
Loveland, Thomas R. Co-Director
McIntyre, Nancy Visiting Research Scientist Sabbatical leave 09/01/11 12/15/11 Associate Professor, Texas Tech University, Dept of Biological Sciences
Merkord, Christopher Postdoctoral Fellow Wimberly 08/11/14 08/04/17 Minnesota State University - Moorhead
Muss, Jordan Postdoctoral Fellow Henebry 06/22/11 05/21/13 Postdoctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Owusu, George Visiting Scientist Wimberly 01/27/16 05/26/16 University of Ghana
Pack, Becky Senior Secretary 09/22/15 04/29/16
Pittman, Kyle Geospatial Analyst Hansen 05/02/05 05/21/13 Computer Services Consultant, Durham, NC, USA
Potapov, Peter Assistant Research Professor Hansen 03/01/06 08/19/11 Research Associate Professor, University Of Maryland, Dept of Geographical Sciences
Prihodko, Lara Assistant Research Professor
Prouty, Marcia Senior Secretary Hansen/Henebry 11/24/08 07/18/13 Private Sector
Putra, Indra Postdoctoral Fellow Cochrane
Qin, Yuchu Postdoctoral Fellow Roy 03/22/11 08/30/13 Further Graduate Studies in Sweden
Salas, Eric Ariel L. Postdoctoral Fellow Henebry 09/01/06 08/01/14 New Mexico State University
Sathyachandran, Sanath Kumar Postdoctoral Fellow Roy New Mexico State University
Senay, Gabriel Adjunct Professor Henebry 09/01/05 07/01/15 USGS Ft. Collins Science Center
Shuqing Zhao Visiting Scientist 05/09/16 05/09/16
Sudhagoni, Ramu Postdoctoral Fellow Wimberly 08/03/12 03/07/13 Private Sector
Swartos, Ashley Geospatial Analyst Cochrane
Tomaszewska, Monika Visiting Research Scientist Henebry 06/22/13 12/21/13 Geospatial Analyst, Institute of Geodesy and Cartography in Warsaw, Poland
Tulbure, Mirela Postdoctoral Fellow Wimberly 09/02/08 12/17/10 Assistant Professor, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia
Walker, Jessica Postdoctoral Fellow Henebry 01/01/12 06/22/14 USGS Mendenhall Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Tucson, AZ
Wang, Xiaolei Postdoctoral Fellow Henebry 01/10/08 01/08/09 Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Oklahoma
Wright, Christopher Assistant Research Professor Henebry 08/01/08 03/01/15 University of Minnesota - Duluth
Yan, Dong Postdoctoral Fellow
Yeom, Jong-Min Postdoctoral Fellow Roy 09/30/09 08/21/10 Research Scientist, Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), South Korea
Zhang, Chunsun Associate Professor Hansen 11/15/05 11/20/09 Research Scientist, University of Melbourne, Australia
Zheng, Baojuan Postdoctoral Fellow Geoffrey Henebry
Zhu, Zhi-Liang Adjunct Professor USGS 01/08/04 12/31/06 USGS - Reston, VA