Oliveira, Pedro

Pedro Oliveira is a PhD student at GSCE started in spring 2017. Dr. David Roy is his advisor. He is using Landsat 8, Sentinel 2, and LiDAR data to study forest disturbances in the Brazilian Amazon.

Hess, Andrea

Wang, Jianmin

Tomaszewska, Monika

Vetrita, Yenni

Samasse, Kaboro

Stephens, Jeff

Nguyen, Lan

Velpuri, Naga Manohar

Dr. Velpuri graduated with his PhD in May 2012 under the supervision of Dr. Senay.  His PhD research was focused on developing methods to monitor lakes and reservoirs using multi-resolution remotely sensed data.

Mestre, Luiz

Luiz Mestre is interested in Bird Ecology and Conservation Biology and their applications in large scale analysis. At SDSU, his research focused on bird community’s responses of fire and fragmentation in the Brazilian Amazon. Other interests include remote sensing applications toward bird migration, and conservation of Brazilian forests. Luiz holds a Master's degree in Ecology and Natural Resources from the Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil) and has B.Sc.


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