GIScCE scientists present research at the American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting, December 11-15, 2006, San Francisco, CA.

Drs. Geoff Henebry and Gabriel Senay, geospatial analyst Marcela Doubková, and doctoral student Valeriy Kovalskyy will be among 12,000 scientists attending the 2006 AGU Fall Meeting.

Gabriel Senay’s research will be presented in two posters in a Wednesday special session entitled Thermal Remote Sensing Data for Earth Science Research: The Critical Need for Continued Data Collection and Development of Future Thermal Satellite Sensors.

  • Senay, G.B., M.E. Budde, and J.P. Verdin: Using MODIS thermal data for estimating actual evapotranspiration from irrigated fields.
  • Budde, M.E., G.B. Senay, J.P. Verdin, and J.D. Rowland: Validation of a simplified energy balance model for estimating irrigated cropland and water use in Afghanistan.

For the third consecutive year, Geoff Henebry has convened at the Fall AGU Meeting a special session with a phenological theme. This year’s session entitled Land Surface Phenology, Seasonality, and the Water Cycle was co-organized by Mark Friedl of Boston University and Mike White of Utah State University. The Wednesday session includes 4 invited talks, 8 contributed talks, and 30 posters.


  • Henebry, G.M., and M. Doubková: Complex land surface phenologies of moisture status.
  • Keydan, G.P., A.A. Gitelson, and G.M. Henebry: Land surface phenology: which biophysical characteristics of vegetation should be measured remotely to characterize it?


  • de Beurs, K.M., and G.M. Henebry: Phenological mixture models: Using MODIS to identify key phenological endmembers and their spatial distribution in the Northern Eurasian semi-arid grain belt.
  • Doubková, M., and G.M. Henebry: MODIS and AMSR-E vegetation indices for land surface phenology studies in the Eurasia semi-arid grain belt.
  • Kovalskyy, V., and G.M. Henebry: Change and persistence in land surface phenologies in the Don and Dnieper River Basins.

Although GIScCE scientists Drs. Shunguang (Leo) Liu and Tom Loveland are not able to attend the meeting, their research will be presented as a poster in the Friday special session entitled Regional to Continental-Scale Carbon Cycle Science: Progress in the North American Carbon Program, CarboEurope, and Related Programs:

  • Liu, S., Z. Li, T. Loveland, and L. Tieszen: Contemporary carbon trends in the eastern United States.

In addition Leo’s work will also be featured in a talk in the special session entitled Geomorphic Controls on Carbon Dynamics:

  • Sunduist, E.T., K.V. Ackerman, R.F. Stallard, N.B. Bliss, and S. Liu: Historical influence of soil and water management on sediment and carbon erosion and burial in the United States.


News Date: 
Dec 11, 2006 to Dec 15, 2006

Dr. Mark A. Cochrane presents in Coimbra, Portugal

November 27-30, 2006: Coimbra Portugal. Oral Presentation: Cochrane, M.A. “Fire dynamics in tropical moist and wet forests”. 2006. Presented at the V International Conference on Forest Fire Research.

News Date: 
Nov 27, 2006 to Nov 30, 2006

GIScCE Scientists travel to 3rd International Fire Ecology and Management Congress

 Four GIScCE Scientists will be presenting their research at the 3rd International Fire Ecology and Management Congress, November 13-17 2006, San Diego, CA.

Scheduled Presentations

Mark Cochrane

  1. "Changing Fire Regimes: Context and Consequences of Climate Change in Amazonia" (Plenary)
  2. "Fire Dynamics and Human Land Use in the Brazilian Amazon"
  3. "The Potential for Remotely Sensed Burn Severity Estimation in Tropical Forest Fires Using Landsat Imagery"

David Roy - "Factors that promote and constrain the use of satellite derived fire products by resource managers in southern Africa"

Mike Wimberly - "Fire feedbacks, and forest landscape dynamics: Applying landscape simulation models to untangle ecological complexity"

Zhiliang Zhu - "Developing an operational methodology to update LANDFIRE: Preliminary results"


News Date: 
Nov 13, 2006 to Nov 17, 2006

Dr. Mark A. Cochrane presents in Santiago, Chile

July 19-21, 2006: Santiago Chile. Invited Presentation: Cochrane, M.A. 2006 “Perspectives of Fire Regime Conditions and Abating Fire-related Threats in Tropical Wet Forests: Land use interaction and synergy with forest disturbance in the Brazilian Amazon”. Oral Presentation at the Global Fire Assessment Workshop for the Neotropic Realm.

News Date: 
Jul 19, 2006 to Jul 21, 2006

GIScCE graduate students and post-doctoral researchers gave presentations at AGU 2011

Eleven graduate students and post-doctoral researchers gave presentations at the at the American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, San Francisco, December 2011. Henok Alemu, Dr. Christopher Barnes, Belinda Margono, Yolande Munzimi, Dr. Valeriy Kovalskyy, Eric Salas, Sanath Kumar Sathyachandran  and Dr. Yuchu Qin gave poster presentations and Narayana Ganapathy, Manohar Velpuri and Emma White gave oral presentations.

Poster presentations:

H21F-1196. A Multi-Index Approach to Delineate Surface Water Bodies in the Pastoral Regions of Mali Using ASTER Imagery Henok Alemu; Naga Manohar Velpuri; Gabriel B. Senay; Jay Angerer

GC21B-0887. Radiative Forcing over the Conterminous United States Due to 1973 to 2000 Land Cover Albedo Change. Barnes, C.A. and Roy, D.P.

B51M-0595. Mapping and Monitoring Forest Degradation in Indonesia Using Landsat time-series data sets from 1990 to 2010 Belinda A. Margono; Peter V. Potapov; Matthew C. Hansen

H21F-1202. TRMM-derived rainfall estimation for the Congo River Basin: quantifying intrannual and interannual precipitation variability Yolande Munzimi; Matthew C. Hansen; Kwabena O. Asante

B13A. Evaluation of the Event Driven Phenology Model Coupled to the VegET Evapotranspiration Model Using Spatially Explicit Comparisons with Independent Reference Data. Kovalskyy, V., Henebry, G.M., Roy, D.P. and Senay, G.B.

B13A-0536. Separability of Maize and Soybean in the Spectral Regions of Chlorophyll and Carotenoids Using the Moment Distance Index Eric Ariel L. Salas; Geoffrey M. Henebry

NH33B-1574. Assessment of the Proximity of MODIS Active Fire Detections to Roads and Navigable Rivers in the Brazilian Tropical Moist Forest Biome S. Sanath Kumar; David P. Roy; Carlos Souza Jr.; Mark A. Cochrane; Luigi Boschetti

B51M. An improved multi-temporal Landsat ETM+ compositing approach for the generation of Web-enabled Landsat data (WELD) mosaics. Qin, Y. and Roy, D.P.

Oral Presentations:

NH31C-05. Assessing forest roads and their edge effects on burn severity patterns using satellite data and geospatial analysis Ganapathy Narayanaraj and Micheal C. Wimberly

H14C-06. Semi-empirical lake level (SELL) model for mapping lake water depths from partially clouded satellite data Naga Manohar Velpuri and Gabriel B. Senay

B11E-05. A contemporary decennial global sample of changing agricultural field sizes Emma White and  David P. Roy