Dr. Geoff Henebry visits Hungary, Romania, China and Ethiopia

During a busy summer of international travel, Dr. Geoff Henebry visited Hungary, Romania, China, and Ethiopia. In June he was hosted by Dr. Sándor Bartha at the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It had been over a decade since Geoff was working with Sanyi and others on succession in abandoned croplands in the Kiskunság, the sandy hills of central Hungary located between the Duna (Danube) and Tisza rivers. In addition to revisiting former field sites in the Kiskunság National Park, Geoff explored the landscapes north of Lake Balaton in western Hungary and the Hortobágy National Park in eastern Hungary.  Traveling by train from Budapest to Sibiu, Romania, Geoff met up with several colleagues from the SDSU Geography Department who were being graciously hosted by the Dean Ion Velcea and the Faculty of Tourism Geography of the “Dimitre Cantemir” Christian University.  Field trips included various locations around Transylvania, including Sighişoara, the medieval walled city where Vlad Dracul lived for a time, and to a special symposium of the Romanian Geography Society on montane agrotourism in the town of Vaideeni. The Second Romanian-American Scientific Session was held on June 13 at “Dimitre Cantemir” and featured presentations by SDSU faculty.  In July Geoff traveled to Kaifeng, China to participate in a NASA sponsored workshop on the dryland ecosystems of East Asia: In August Geoff traveled to the Amhara region of Ethiopia for the NIH project led by Dr. Mike Wimberly  (described in another news item).

GIScCE Researchers Present at the Annual Meeting of the International Association for Landscape Ecology, United States Chapter (US-IALE)

GIScCE professors Dr. Mike Wimberly and Dr. Geoff Henebry along with postdoc Chris Wright and graduate students Alemayehu Midekisa and Stefanie Wacker presented research results 2012 US-IALE Meeting in Newport, Rhode Island. The following presentations were delivered:  

Geoff Henebry - Seeing through the haze: Urbanization dynamics viewed at 4 microns  

Alemayehu Midekisa - A rule-based spatial risk model of potential habitat for Anopheles arabiensis in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia (Poster)

Stefanie Wacker - Understory vegetation changes following logging on the Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota 

Mike Wimberly - New Vistas for Landscape Ecology: The Influences of Landscape Structure on Population Health 

Chris Wright - Recent Agricultural Intensification in the U.S. Corn Belt