Garth Wadsworth attends South Dakota Undergraduate Research Symposium.

With support from the SD-EPSCoR program, Geography undergraduate student and GSCE Center Scholar, Garth Wadsworth, attended the South Dakota Undergraduate Research Symposium, held at the Ramkota Conference Center in Pierre, SD (July 29-30, 2015).  Garth presented a poster entitled “Climate & Conflict in Africa and Southeast Asia” showing early results from his research with GSCE scientist Niall Hanan exploring whether climate change and variability may lead to increasing conflict.

News Date: 
Jul 29, 2015 to Jul 30, 2015

Dr. Henebry appointed to represent SDSU on the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities’ Board on Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate

GSCE Co-Director Dr. Geoff Henebry will serve with State Climatologist Dr. Dennis Todey of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering as the University’s representative on the APLU’s Board on Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate. The mission of the Board on Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate (BOAC) of APLU is to ensure that the nation maintains and benefits from strong and diverse academic capabilities in the marine (including the Great Lakes) and atmospheric sciences. The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) is a research, policy, and advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening and advancing the work of public universities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  APLU represents public research universities, land-grant institutions, state university systems, and affiliated organizations.

News Date: 
Jul 27, 2015

Dr. Henebry presents research at the 9th International Conference on Urban Climate.

Dr. Geoff Henebry traveled to Toulouse, France in mid-July to present research arising from the interdisciplinary Cities & Storms project, which studies how urban areas influence the behavior of severe storms. The ICUC is a triennial event that brings a cross-section of scientists interested in physical and biometeorological environments generated by cities. Dr. Henebry presented a talk and a poster. Another member of the project team, Mr. Darrel Kingfield of the University of Oklahoma and the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, also gave a talk describing his work with weather radar data. The research was support through NASA grant NNX12AM89G.

Henebry GM, DJ Stensrud, AL Steiner, C Small, LR Musacchio, TL Jackson, KM de Beurs, K Calhoun, S Kawecki, L Reames, E Windahl, CP Krehbiel. 2015. Cities & Storms: How Land Use, Settlement Patterns, and the Shapes of Cities Influence Severe Weather. (talk)

Kingfield D, K Calhoun, K de Beurs, GM Henebry. 2015. The effect of urban environments on storm evolution through a radar-based climatology of the central United States. (talk)

Krehbiel CP, TL Jackson, GM Henebry. 2015. Scaling of cities into the future: Using scaling relations of the recent past to assess 21st century projections of urban growth. (poster)

News Date: 
Jul 20, 2015 to Jul 24, 2015

Dr. Roy and colleagues attend Landsat Science Team Summer 2015 meeting and give presentation on Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 data combination

The summer 2015 Landsat Science Team Meeting was held at the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center, South Dakota, July 6-9 2015. 

Dr. Roy and members of his research group attended the meeting and participated in team discussions and gave a presentation “Thinking about processing steps for generation of combined/compatible Landsat 8 & Sentinel-2 products”, Roy, D.P., Kovalskyy, V., Zhang, H.K., Yan, L., Kumar. S.  

The presentation was particularly topical as Sentinel-2 was launched successfully by the European Space Agency two weeks before the science team meeting on 23rd June 2015.  Sentinel-2 carries an innovative wide swath high-resolution multispectral imager that is similar to the Landsat 8 optical wavelength sensor and their data combination provides the opportunity for improved global terrestrial remote sensing.

News Date: 
Jul 07, 2015 to Jul 09, 2015

Dr. Roy chairs the Summer 2015 NASA US Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center User Working Group

Dr. Roy chaired the U.S. Land Processes (LP) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) User Working Group (UWG).  The LP DAAC UWG is responsible for representing the interests of the land remote sensing community and for providing consultation and recommendations covering a broad range of topics related to NASA LP DAAC systems, services, and capabilities. The meeting was held at the U.S. Department of the Interior building, 1849 C Street NW, Washington DC, June 9-10th 2015.

News Date: 
Jun 09, 2015 to Jun 10, 2015