GIScCE Researchers Present at the ASTMH Annual Meeting

GIScCE professor Dr. Mike Wimberly, along with postdoc Ting-Wu Chuang and graduate student Alemayehu Midekisa, presented research results at the 60th annual meeting of the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH). The following poster presentations were delivered: 

A computer system for forecasting West Nile virus risk using earth observation data. Michael C. Wimberly, Ting-Wu Chuang, Aashis Lamsal, Alemayehu Midekisa, Geoffrey M. Henebry, Gabriel Senay, Michael B. Hildreth, and Yi Liu. 

Environmental Determinants of West Nile Virus Epidemic in South Dakota throughout 2003 to 2007. Ting-Wu Chuang, Lon Kightlinger, and Michael C. Wimberly. 

Forecasting and Monitoring Malaria Risk in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Alemayehu Midekisa, Gabriel Senay, Geoffrey M. Henebry, Paulos Semuneguse, Abere Mihretie, and Michael C. Wimberly.