Group Photo of the Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence

Front row (left --> right): Visiting Scientist Aklilu Getinet, MS Student Meng Wang, Post-Doc Lingling Liu, PhD Student Xiaoman Lu, PhD Candidate Yenni Vetrita, PhD Student Andrea Hess, Research Coordinator Julie Westberg

Second row: Assistant Research Professor Lin Yan, Computer and Information Research Scientist Adam Dosch, Post-Doc Zhongbin Li, Professor Xiaoyang Zhang, Post-Doc Kamilya Kelgenbaeva, PhD Candidate Fangjun Li

Third row: Geospatial Analyst Alexey Egorov, Post-Doc Woubet Alemu, Post-Doc Dawn Nekorchuk, PhD Candidate Jianmin Wang, Visiting Scientist Junfeng Xu

Fourth row: PhD Student Pedro Oliveira, Professor Mike Wimberly, PhD Candidate Monika Tomaszewska, Post-Doc Haiyang Huang, Assistant Research Professor Hankui Zhang

Back row: Computer Support Specialist Rachael Auch, Co-Director Geoff Henebry, Professor David Roy, Post-Doc Francis Dwomoh, Assistant Professor Rasmus Houberg, Post-Doc Justin Davis

Missing: MS Student Herve Kashongwe, MS Student Kyle Kaskie, PhD Candidate Lan Nguyen, Assistant Research Professor Izaya Numata

News Date: 
May 03, 2018