GSCE Presentations at the NASA Land Cover Land Use change (LCLUC) Multi-Source Land Imaging (MuSLI) Spring Science Team Meeting, Rockville, Maryland, 12-14 April 2017.

Henebry GM. How environmental changes and globalization impact high elevation communities in Kyrgyzstan.

Kelgenbaeva K, GM Henebry. Detecting change amidst uncertainty in digital elevation models: A comparison of SRTM and ASTER DEM products for two oblasts in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Roy, D.P., Huang, H., Zhang, H.K., Yan, L., Li, Z., Li, J., Boschetti, L., Kumar, S. Prototyping a Landsat-8 Sentinel-2 global burned area product.

Yan, L., Roy, D.P. Sentinel-2/Landsat-8 automated registration software tool development to support the terrestrial moderate spatial resolution user community.

News Date: 
Apr 12, 2017 to Apr 14, 2017