GSCE Presentations at the US-IALE meeting in Baltimore, 9-12 April 2017

Henebry GM, LH Nguyen, B Zheng. SUSHI & Emergent Features in Earthlight.

Henebry GM, MA Tomaszewska, K Kelgenbaeva. Using phenometric lapse rates in mountain landscapes to assess pasture condition & vulnerability.

Kelgenbaeva K, GM Henebry. Detecting change amidst uncertainty in digital elevation models: A comparison of SRTM and ASTER DEM products for two oblasts in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Musacchio L, GM Henebry. Bridging land change science and green infrastructure practice: Challenges and opportunities for developing use-inspired basic research for resilient and sustainable urban regions.

Musacchio L, GM Henebry. Transdisciplinary collaborative models for bridging land change science and green infrastructure practice: Advancing knowledge and action along a boundary work spectrum.

Nguyen LH, CP Krehbiel, GM Henebry. Recent grassland dynamics in the US Northern Great Plains viewed through land surface phenology.

Tomaszewska MA, CP Krehbiel, GM Henebry. Modelling the land surface phenology and seasonality of high-elevation pastures in Kyrgyz Republic.

Zheng B, GM Henebry, KM de Beurs, BC Owsley. Decadal changes in carbon monoxide air pollution over major cities in the US and Southeast, East, and North Asia: How does urban size matter?

News Date: 
Apr 09, 2017 to Apr 12, 2017