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Dr. Peter Potapov
Former Research Scientist, Assistant Research Professor

Research Interests: Forest monitoring, Global Land Cover mapping, Landsat/MODIS data processing

Selected Publications

Peter Potapov is an Assistant Research Professor at South Dakota State University’s Geographic Information Science Center of Excellence. His research includes global and regional forest cover mapping and monitoring. Currently he is working on a global forest cover monitoring project based on the integration of MODIS and Landsat data. Before joining GIScCE in 2006, he led a GIS and remote sensing team for Greenpeace (Russian office) where he established a system for global intact forests assessment and monitoring. He has a Ph.D. in Ecology and Natural Resources from the Russian Academy of Science and a M.Sc. in Botany from Moscow State University (Russia).

Selected Publications

Potapov P., Turubanova S., Hansen M.C. [in press] Regional-scale boreal forest cover and change mapping using Landsat data composites for European Russia. Remote Sensing of Environment

Potapov P., Hansen M.C., Gerrand A.M., Lindquist E.J., Pittman K., Turubanova S., Loyche-Wilkie M. [in press] The global Landsat imagery database for the FAO FRA remote sensing survey. International Journal of Digital Earth [DOI: 10.1080/17538947.2010.492244]

Hansen M., Stehman S., Potapov P. (2010) Quantification of global gross forest cover loss. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. 107(19). 8650-8655

Potapov P., M.C. Hansen, S.V. Stehman, K. Pittman, and S. Turubanova. 2009. Gross forest cover loss in temperate forests: biome-wide monitoring results using MODIS and Landsat data. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 3, 1-23 [DOI: 10.1117/1.3283904].

Potapov P., M.C. Hansen, S.V. Stehman, T.R. Loveland, and K. Pittman. 2008. Combining MODIS and Landsat imagery to estimate and map boreal forest cover loss. Remote Sensing of Environment, 112, 3708-3719.

Potapov P., A. Yaroshenko, S. Turubanova, M. Dubinin, L. Laestadius, C. Thies, D. Aksenov, A. Egorov, Y. Yesipova, I. Glushkov, M. Karpachevskiy, A. Kostikova, A. Manisha, E. Tsybikova, and I. Zhuravleva. 2008. Mapping the World’s Intact Forest Landscapes by Remote Sensing. Ecology and Society, 13 (2)

Project websites

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Global Forest Monitoring Project:                                       

Boreal Forest Monitoring Project:                                                            

FAO FRA Landsat Image Database:                               

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Estimated percent gross forest cover loss 2000–2005.
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