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Dr. Michael Wimberly
Senior Scientist, Professor

Research Interests: Landscape Ecology, Spatial Epidemiology, Disturbance Ecology, Ecological Modeling

Selected Publications
Graduate Students

Dr. Mike Wimberly of SDSU is a landscape ecologist who studies the effects of environmental change on ecological processes and ecosystem services at landscape, regional, and global scales. He uses satellite remote sensing, geographic information science, and spatial statistics to address scientific questions and develop practical applications in the fields of public health and natural resource management. Specific research interests include forecasting and mapping outbreaks of malaria and other vector-borne diseases; studying how the built and natural environments affect geographic patterns of obesity and related chronic diseases; assessing the influences of climate change and forest management on natural disturbance regimes; and developing computer models to simulate future land cover changes and their ecological impacts. Dr. Wimberly's research is supported by grants from a variety of external funding sources, including NASA, the National Institutes of Health, the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and the USDA/USDI Joint Fire Science Program.

Agricultural landscape in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.... more

Prescribed burning of longleaf pine forests at the Jones Ecological... more

Camp 32 Fire, northwestern Montana.... more

Sampling wetland habitats in Ethiopia with a makeshift mosquito dipper.... more

Wall chart of malaria surveillance data from a district health... more

Mosquito breeding habitat in rural South Dakota.... more