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Dr. Geoffrey M. Henebry
Senior Scientist, Co-Director

Research Interests: synoptic ecology, landscape ecology, land surface phenology, ecological modeling, spatio-temporal analysis, grasslands, land cover/land use change

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Dr. Geoffrey Henebry of SDSU is an ecologist whose research focuses on developing theory and technique to improve the analysis of image time series and the modeling of ecological phenomena. He serves as chair of the Advisory Committee of the USA National Phenology Network ( Recent research projects include: assessing the effects of urban areas on severe storms (NASA; PI: Henebry); synergistic use of active and passive sensors to characterize forest spatial heterogeneity and biodiversity in Costa Rica (NASA; PI: Henebry); biogeophysical and sociodemographic dynamics of agricultural land abandonment in European Russia (NASA; PI: de Beurs, Oklahoma); development of an early warning system for epidemic malaria in the highlands of Ethiopia (NIH, PI: Wimberly, SDSU); use of passive microwave data for modeling of West Nile Virus risk in the Northern Great Plains (NASA; PI: Wimberly); and habitat connectivity in Great Plains wetlands under climatic variability and change (NSF; PI: Wright).

As a Fulbright Senior Research Fellow at the Brazilian Space Agency in 1993-94, Geoff used imaging radar to investigate flooding patterns in the Pantanal Matogrossense, the largest wetland on the planet. He is a member of NASA's Land Use Land Cover Change and Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Science Teams. Geoff entered the field of ecological remote sensing while serving as a post-doctoral fellow with the Konza Prairie Long Term Ecological Research project at Kansas State University. He earned a Ph.D. and a M.S., both in Environmental Sciences, from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John's College in Santa Fe.

He currently serves on the editorial boards of BioScience, International Journal of Biometeorology, and Landscape Ecology, and previously at Ecology/Ecological Monographs, Conservation Ecology, and Applied Vegetation Science. He is active in the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the US Chapter of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (US-IALE). Since 2001 Dr. Henebry has been a Certified Senior Ecologist by the Ecological Society of America.

Dr. Henebry no longer is serving as the program coordinator for the Ph.D. program in Geospatial Science & Engineering. Please direct your inquiries to Dr. Mike Wimberly.

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