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Holtry Lecture Series
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Senior Scientists
 Dr. Mark A. Cochrane
 Dr. Alisa L. Gallant
 Dr. Kevin P. Gallo
 Dr. Niall P Hanan
 Dr. Geoffrey M. Henebry
 Dr. Shuguang Liu
 Dr. Thomas R. Loveland
 Dr. David Roy
 Dr. Gabriel Senay
 Dr. James E. Vogelmann
 Dr. Michael Wimberly
Research Scientists
Visiting Scientists
Postdoctoral Fellows
Graduate Students
Former Students
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Recent News
 Dr. Roy presents at NASA and Global Land Project meetings in Berlin, Germany
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Senior Scientists

 Dr. Mark A. Cochrane - Professor
 Global Climate Change, Fire Ecology, Land Cover Change, Land Cover and Land Use Interactions, Dynamic Systems
 Dr. Alisa L. Gallant - Adjunct Professor
 Integrated multiscale research on effects of global change on wetland-upland landscapes, ecoregional landscape dynamics, wildlife-landscape interactions
 Dr. Kevin P. Gallo - Adjunct Professor
 Climatology and Meteorology: Use of remotely sensed data for monitoring land surface properties useful for climatological and meteorological applications.
 Dr. Niall P Hanan - Professor
 Savanna Ecology, Coupled Natural-Human Systems in Pastoral Regions, Remote Sensing and Modeling of African Vegetation Dynamics
 Dr. Geoffrey M. Henebry - Co-Director
 synoptic ecology, landscape ecology, land surface phenology, ecological modeling, spatio-temporal analysis, grasslands, land cover/land use change
 Dr. Shuguang Liu - Adjunct Professor
 Land Surface Dynamics Modeling with an emphasis on quantifying the impacts of land use and climate change on ecosystem services (e.g., carbon cycle)
 Dr. Thomas R. Loveland - Co-Director
 Geography, land use and land cover change
 Dr. David Roy - Professor
 Geography; development of remote sensing and advanced computing methods to map and characterize terrestrial change, global Petabyte volume satellite data processing and visualization; the occurrence and spatial extent of vegetation fires; the causes and consequences of land cover and land use change; and fire-climate-vegetation interactions.
 Dr. Gabriel Senay - Adjunct Professor
 Regional Water Balance Assessment and Monitoring
 Dr. James E. Vogelmann - Adjunct Professor
 Botany with vegetation health monitoring emphasis
 Dr. Michael Wimberly - Professor
 Landscape Ecology, Spatial Epidemiology, Disturbance Ecology, Ecological Modeling