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Dr. Izaya Numata
Research Scientist, Assistant Research Professor

Selected Publications

Dr. Izaya Numata is an Assistant Research Professor at the Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence, SDSU. His research interests are in monitoring, characterizing and evaluating land-use and land-cover (LULC) dynamics and human-environmental interactions that cause LULC change. His primary concern is to understand interchangeable relationships between human activity and the environment that drive LULC change. His research approach includes intensive use of remote sensing for biophysical and chemical characterization of land surfaces (land covers and land uses), monitoring its change, and the integration of different sources of data through GIS for the analysis of processes and consequences of LULC change at different spatial and temporal scales.

He has investigated Amazonian pasture dynamics under the combined influences of environmental (soil and climate) and human-factors (grazing intensity and pasture types) across different spatial scales in order to determine the requirements for establishing pasture sustainability in the Amazon. He also uses a variety of remote sensing data and techniques to study forest disturbances which include forest fragmentation and forest fire in the Amazon Basin. Additionally, he has been working on land- cover mapping and change detection in the Amazon using remote sensing.


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