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Dr. Yuchu Qin
Postdoctoral Fellow

Yuchu Qin received his Ph.D. degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010, he was also a Ph.D. candidate in Sweden, and he obtained his B.S degree from Shenyang Jianzhu University. He was involved in several research projects on LiDAR data processing, image processing and remote sensing applications. He joined the GIScCE as a postdoctoral fellow under Prof. David Roy's supervision. Currently he works on the algorithm development for the WELD( project  which aims to generate seamless Landsat ETM+ data for the conterminous United States.

Selected Publications:
[1] Qin Yuchu,Wu Yunchao,Niu Zheng,et al, Reconstruction of Sparse Forest Canopy Height  Model Using Small Footprint LIDAR Data, Journal of Natural Resources, 2008,  23 (3): 507-513.

[2] Bin Li, Lijuan,Li, Yuchu Qin et al, Impacts of Climate Variability on Streamflow in the Upper and Middle Reaches of the Taoer River Based on the Budyko Hypothesis,Resources Science,2011,33(1):70-76.

[3] Fang Chen, Zheng Niu, Yuchu Qin, et al, Simulation of an image with a subsection of spectral band using an image with a wider spectral band[J]. Opto-Electronic Engineering,2007, 34(5): 89~96.

[4] Yuchu Qin, Bin Li, et al, Stepwise Decomposition and Relative Radiometric Normalization for Small Footprint LiDAR Waveform, SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences ,2011,DOI: 10.1007/s11430-010-4120-y.

 [5] Yuchu Qin, et al, Towards an Optimal Algorithm for LiDAR Waveform Decomposition. IEEE GRSL,DOI:10.1109/LGRS.2011.2172676.