Amenity-driven development in rural areas

Dr. Guangqing Chi is a spatial and environmental demographer. His research seeks to examine the interactions between human population and the built and natural environment upon which we depend: transportation and demography, natural amenities and rural development, and population estimation and forecasting. The three areas of research build upon his methodological strengths in spatial analysis and statistics and spatial demography. In 2007, Dr. Chi received the Walter E. Terrie Award from the Southern Demographic Association for his development of spatial regression models for small-area population forecasting. Dr. Chi's research on gasoline prices and traffic safety has been highlighted more than 2,000 times by numerous domestic and international news agencies, websites, and blogs.

Seminar date: 
Monday, December 1, 2014
Presenter information: 
Dr. Guangqing Chi, SD State Demographer & SDSU Dept. of Sociology & Rural Studies
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