Kelgenbaeva, Kamilya

Postdoctoral Fellow
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2007       Ph.D. in Engineering, Dresden University of Technology, Germany
2005       M.S. in Technology, Andhra University, India
1998       Post-Graduate study in RS and GIS, CSSTE-AP at Dehra-Dun, India
1994       Diploma (5 year) in Hydro melioration, Kyrgyz State Agricultural Institute at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Kamilya is a postdoctoral fellow in GSCE since December 2015. She is originally from Kyrgyz Republic. At present, she is working for a NASA-funded research project entitled “How Environmental Change in Central Asian Highlands Impacts High Elevation Communities”. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Henebry.

Research Interests:  Land cover/land use change, modelling of agricultural land suitability, socio-economic studies, RS and GIS; education.

Some Publications:

Kelgenbaeva K, GM Henebry, 2017. Detecting change amidst uncertainty in digital elevation models: A comparison of SRTM and ASTER DEM products for two oblasts in the Kyrgyz Republic. US-IALE Symposium “People, Places, Patterns: Linking Landscape Heterogeneity and Socio-Environmental Systems”, April 9 – 14, Baltimore, Marlyand (planned).

Henebry GM, M Tomaszewska, CP Krehbiel, K Kelgenbaeva. 2016. Livelihoods poised between cold and dry: Modelling land surface phenologies and phenometric lapse rates in Central Asian highland pasture. AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco, California, December 12-16.

Henebry GM, CP Krehbiel, K Kelgenbaeva, M Tomaszewska. 2016. Poised between cold and dry: land surface phenologies in Central Asian highland pasture. Global Land Project Open Science Meeting. Beijing, China, October 23-27.

Henebry GM, CP Krehbiel, M Tomaszewska, K Kelgebaeva. 2016. Characterizing Land Surface Phenologies in the Highlands of Kyrgyzstan through Synergistic Use of Landsat and MODIS data. Landsat Science Team Meeting. Brookings, SD, 28th July.

Donghui W., AD Hagedorn, Q Chi, G Ibraimova, K Kelgenbaeva, GM Henebry. 2016. Agricultural Productions in Kyrgyzstan, 1990–2014. The International University of Kyrgyzstan Journal 29(1):11-16.

Aidaraliev A., R Bekboeva, T Akylbekova, K Kelgenbaeva. 2014. Realization of the Bologna process at the International University of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz-German DAAD-Alumni Conference “Improving of Education Quality in Higher Institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic”, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, 16-18 May.

Kelgenbaeva K. 2013. CACILM land-use/land-cover and socio-economic information. Joint NASA LCLUC Science Meeting with GOFC GOLD, CARIN, NEESPI and MAIRS on Land Use and Water Resources in Central Asia, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 11-15 November.

Kelgenbaeva K. 2010: CACILM SLM-IS supports for KM and M&E. GEF STAP Expert Consultation Meeting “GIS support for Global Environment Facility Monitoring and Knowledge Management”, GEF Secretariat, Washington DC, 14-15 January.

Kelgenbaeva K., C Hatten, M Kunzer. 2010: Design and Development of the CACILM Multicountry Sustainable Land Management Information System: Inception Phase results. “International Scientific Symposium "Water in Central Asia. From glaciers to the lowlands: Bringing together water scientists and water managers". 24-26 November 2010. Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Kelgenbaeva K. 2009. Standardization of national Land Use Systems (LUS) attributes for CACILM-FAO LADA-LUS multicountry reporting. FAO SLM-IS Workshop. CD-proceedings, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 18 – 21 May.

Kelgenbaeva K. 2009: CACILM proposals for Adaptation to Climate Change in Central Asia. Stakeholders Workshop "Pilot Project on Climate Change Resilience", 13-14 October. Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Organized by World Bank, ADB & Department for International Development (DFID).

Kelgenbaeva K. 2008: Agronomic Suitability Studies in the Russian Altai Using RS and GIS. Kartographische Bausteine. Band 36. TU Dresden, Germany, 2007. Dissertation. ISBN 978-3-86780-067-9.  256 pp.

Kelgenbaeva K., Prechtel N., Buchroithner M. 2003. Geo-Information Modelling of Soil and Climatic Conditions Evaluation in the Siberian Altai. CD Proceeding of 21st International Cartographic Conference & 12th General Assembly of the International Cartographic Association, Durban, South Africa, 10 – 16 August.

Kelgenbaeva K. 2002. Adaptation of a Mediterranean Land Suitability Model for Inner-Alpine Basins of the Siberian Altai. Proceedings of 7th International Symposium on High Mountain Cartography (HMRSC VII). Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 15 – 26 July

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