GIScCE scientists present at American Geophysical Union’s Fall 2007 Meeting

GIScCE scientists and students traveled to San Francisco, CA for the 2007 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, December 10-14. The following research was presented (presenters in bold):

Oral Presentations

  • M.C. Hansen. Pan-Tropical Forest Clearing, 2000-2005.
  • J. Ju and D.P. Roy. The Availability of Cloud-free Landsat ETM+ Data Over the Conterminous U.S. and Globally.
  • E. Lindquist, M.C. Hansen, and D.P. Roy. The suitability of Landsat SLC-off data to characterize mid-decadal tropical forest cover and change in the Congo River Basin, Africa

Poster Presentations

  • C. Barnes and D.P. Roy. United States Land Cover Land Use Change, Albedo and Surface Radiative Forcing 1973 to 2000.
  • M. Broich, P. Potapov, and M.C. Hansen. A Megamodel-Classifier in Support of a Sampling Strategy Using Landsat Data to Estimate Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.
  • J. Chang, S.A. Clay, D.E. Clay, K. Dalsted, and C. Reese. Detecting Weed Infestations in Soybean Using Remote Sensing.
  • G. Henebry, B. Capehart, and K. de Beurs. Exploring the Consequences of Changing Land Surface Phenology on Regional Hydrometeorology in the Eurasian Semi-Arid Grain Belt.
  • G. Henebry. Phenology Across the LTER Network: Initial Findings, Future Directions.
  • V. Kovalskyy and G. Henebry. Changes in Land Use Intensity Within the Don and Dnieper River Basins Following the Collapse of the Soviet Union as Revealed by Spatio-temporal Trend Analysis.
  • D.P. Roy and J. Ju. Multi-temporal MODIS-Landsat Data Fusion for Relative Radiometric Normalization and gap Filling of Landsat Data.
  • M.C. Wimberly, M.A. Cochrane, A.D. Baer, and Z. Zhu. Applying Spatial Statistics to Isolate the Effects of Fuels, Topography, and Weather on Burn Severity.

Geoff Henebry served as a session co-chair for one paper session entitled "Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI): Integrated Approach to Regional Climate and Environmental Change Studies" as well as for two paper sessions and one poster session entitled "Observing, Analyzing, and Modeling Phenologies at Multiple Scales".

Henebry also organized the phenology sessions with Mark Losleben of the USA National Phenology Network and Andy Bunn of Western Washington University. This marked the fourth consecutive year that Henebry had organized phenology sessions at the Fall Meeting of the AGU.

News Date: 
Dec 10, 2007 to Dec 14, 2007

Dr. Jiyul Chang presents in New Orleans, LA (Nov. 5-8, 2007)

Dr. Chang gave an oral presentation about crop (corn and soybean) mapping using MODIS data in American Society of Agronomy (ASA) International Annual Meetings.

Chang, J., Matthew C. Hansen, Kyle Pittman, Mark Carroll, and Charlene Dimiceli. Corn and soybean mapping in the United States using MODIS time-series data sets.

News Date: 
Nov 05, 2007 to Nov 08, 2007

Dr. David Roy presents in Mexico City

Dr. David Roy gave an invited presentation "Direct Readout Land Products/Algorithms: Burned Area”, Roy, D.P., Boschetti, L., Ju, J., Schaaf, C.  at the 17th International Seaspace Remote Sensing Conference & Land and Vegetation Direct Readout workshop, Unidad de seminarios / UNAM, Mexico-City,  8th-11th October 2007.

News Date: 
Oct 08, 2007 to Oct 11, 2007

Dr. Mark A. Cochrane participates in NASA meeting in Urumqi, China

September 16 - 20, 2007: Urumqi, China. Participated in the NEESPI/LCLUC Science Team International Regional Meeting on Dryland Processes in Central Asia Under the auspices of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. 

Qi, J., J. Liu, S. Liu, C. Li, J. Messina, M. Cochrane, S. Bao, S. Wu, J. Wu, L.Shao, P.Gong, X. Xiao, W. Salas, G. Sun, W. Gao, C. Wang, D. Liu, S. Liu, X. Pan, L. Zheng, J. Feng, L. Tang, Z. Li. 2007. “ Land use and cover dynamics of China in support of GOFC-GOLD and NEESPI sciences.

News Date: 
Sep 16, 2007 to Sep 20, 2007

Dr. Mark A. Cochrane presents in Toronto, Canada

June 12-14, 2007: Toronto, Canada. Invited Presentation “Deforestation and degradation of tropical forests in the Brazilian Amazon”. Presented at the Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Conserving Forests Conference.

News Date: 
Jun 12, 2007 to Jun 14, 2007