GSCE research contributions at PECORA 20

GSCE research contributions at PECORA 20

The 20th William T. Pecora Memorial Remote Sensing Symposium was held in Sioux Falls, SD 13-16 November 2017. The Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence was well represented through presentations by current and former personnel of the Center. About 400 people from government agencies, academia, and geospatial industries attended PECORA 20. GSCE contributions at PECORA 20 were many and varied: 7 talks and 9 posters from current GSCE SDSU personnel, 9 talks and 1 poster from current GSCE EROS personnel, and 12 talks and 6 posters from former GSCE personnel. Find the final program here:

In addition, posters from two GSE Ph.D. students took the 2nd and 3rd place awards in the student competition. Yenni Vetrita earned a 3rd place award for her poster entitled “Assessing Three Satellite-derived Burned Area Products and Combining with Medium Resolution Data for Characterizing Peatland Fires”. Former GSCE senior scientist Dr. Mark Cochrane is her dissertation advisor and Dr. Xiaoyang Zhang is the chair of her advisory committee. Lan Nguyen earned a 2nd place award for his poster entitled “Detecting Land Change Using Land Surface Phenology Modeling: An Application to the Dynamic Northern Great Plains”. Dr. Geoff Henebry is his dissertation advisor and chair of his advisory committee.


GSCE at SDSU [KEY: *current faculty, ^current post-doc, %current student, #former faculty, +former post-doc, @former student, &former staff]


Henebry’s group


Land Surface Phenologies and Seasonalities of Croplands and Grasslands in the Prairie Pothole Region Using Passive Microwave Data 2003-2015 [poster]

Woubet G. Alemu^, and Geoffrey M. Henebry*


What Can Phenometric Lapse Rates Tell Us About Change in Highland Pastures?

Geoffrey Henebry*, Monika Tomaszewska%, and Kamilya Kelgenbaeva^


Detecting Land Change Using Land Surface Phenology Modeling: An Application to the Dynamic Northern Great Plains [poster]

Lan H. Nguyen%, and Geoffrey M. Henebry*


Snow Cover Seasonality, Trends, and Change Analysis for Kyrgyzstan using MODIS: 2000-2016 [poster]

Monika A. Tomaszewska%, Kamilya Kelgenbaeva^, and Geoffrey M. Henebry*


Roy’s group


Global analysis of Landsat-8, Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B temporal revisit intervals [poster]

Jian Li+, and David Roy*


Downscaling Landsat-8 30 m data to Sentinel-2 20 m resolution [poster]

Zhongbin Li^, Hankui Zhang^, David Roy*, and Lin Yan*


Development of a Landsat-8 Sentinel-2 30 m Burned Area Product

David Roy*, Haiyan Huang^, Luigi Boschetti, Hankui Zhang^, Lin Yan*, and Zhongbin Li^


Operational Sentinel-2A L1C and Landsat-8 Collection-1 Time-series Registration

Lin Yan*, David Roy*, Haiyan Huang^, Zhongbin Li^, and Hankui Zhang^


Using the 500 m MODIS Land Cover Product to Derive a Consistent North America 30 m Landsat Land Cover Classification and Implications for Global 30m Land Cover Mapping

Hankui Zhang^, and David Roy*


Zhang’s group


Influence of Extreme Weather on Land Surface Phenology in the United States in Last Three Decades

Lingling Liu^, and Xiaoyang Zhang*


Assessing Three Satellite-derived Burned Area Products and Combining with Medium Resolution Data for Characterizing Peatland Fires [poster]

Yenni Vetrita%, Mark A. Cochrane#, Suwarsono Suwarsono, Any Zubaidah, and Erianto I. Putra+


Impacts of Wildfires on Land Surface Phenology of Western US Forests

Jianmin Wang%, and Xiaoyang Zhang*


Impacts of Interannual Variation in Data Quality from AVHRR, MODIS and VIIRS Time Series on Land Surface Phenology Detection

Xiaoyang Zhang*


GSCE at USGS/EROS [KEY: *current faculty, ^current post-doc, %current student, #former faculty, +former post-doc, @former student, &former staff]


Analysis Ready Data: Reconditioning the Landsat Archive to Support Time Series Investigations

John Dwyer, Thomas Loveland*, and Calli Jenkerson


The Land Product Characterization System: A Tool for Comparative Analysis of Satellite Data and Products [poster]

Kevin Gallo*


Urban Land Cover and Impervious Surface Changes in the Great Plains Between 2001 and 2011

Kevin Gallo*, and George Xian


Reflections on the IGBP DISCover Global Land Cover Project

Thomas Loveland*, Jesslyn Brown, Bradley Reed, Zhiliang Zhu#, Limin Yang, and Donald Ohlen


Land Change Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection (LCMAP): Expanding the Understanding and Management of Land Change

Thomas Loveland*, John Dwyer and Curtis Woodcock


Characterizing Wetland Landscapes with Landsat Dense Time Series Data

Jennifer Rover, Alisa Gallant*, and Qiang Zhou


Large Area Saharan PICS Development for Calibration and Stability Monitoring of Optical Satellite Sensors

Mahesh Shrestha, Larry Leigh, Dennis Helder, and Thomas Loveland*


Accuracy Assessment and Area Estimation for Annual Land-Cover Monitoring

Stephen Stehman, Thomas Loveland*, and Bruce Pengra


Investigating Patterns of Drought Influence on Land Use and Land Cover in the Great Plains with Landsat Time Series Data

Heather Tollerud, Jesslyn Brown, and Thomas Loveland*


A New Generation of U.S. Land Change Products

Jim Vogelmann*


Former GSCE associates [KEY: *current faculty, ^current post-doc, %current student, #former faculty, +former post-doc, @former student, &former staff]


AppEEARS: Providing Easy Access, Extraction, and Fusion of Analysis Ready Data from Multiple Big Earth Science Data Records

William (Cory) Alden, Cole Krehbiel@,&, Tom Maiersperger, Lindsey Harriman, Aaron Friesz@, Rob Quenzer, Kevin Impecoven, Aafaque Aafaque, and Chris Doescher


A New Generation of U.S. Land-Cover Products

Christopher Barber@,+, Alisa Gallant*, George Xian, Qiang Zhou, and Bruce Pengra


Multispectral and Texture Feature Application in Mapping Summer Vegetation for Marco Polo Argali in Eastern Tajikistan Pamirs [poster]

Kenneth Boykin, Eric Ariel L. Salas@,&, and Raul Valdez


Modeling the Effects of Environmental Change on Crucial Wildlife Habitat [poster]

Kenneth G. Boykin, Eric Ariel L. Salas@,&, Virginia A. Seamster, Nicole M. Harings, and Keith W. Dixon


Making Remote Sensing Data “Just Work” Using Standards-based Web Services

Aaron Friesz@


Methods for Converting Continuous Shrubland Ecosystem Component Values to Thematic National Land Cover Database Classes [poster]

Leila Gass, Matthew Rigge, Collin Homer@, and George Xian


Automated Global Land Cover Mapping From-Glc-2 and a New Mapping Portal in Support of Flexible Mapping with Landsat Data

Peng Gong, Congcong Li, Jie Wang, Luyan Ji, Yuqi Bai, Huabing Huang, Le Yu, Duole Feng, Yuanyuan Zhao, Greg Biging, Nick Clinton, and Zhiliang Zhu#


Validation of MinNDTI Method for Remote Sensing of Crop Residue and Tillage Practices Using Multi-Temporal Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery

Michael Graham, James Campbell, Baojuan Zheng+, Craig Daughtry, Yang Shao, and Megan O’Rourke


A Strategy for Global Land Cover Monitoring Using Landsat and Sentinel 2

Matthew Hansen#


The National Land Cover Database, Delivering Land Cover Change Data for the Nation Since 2001: History, Status and Future Plans

Collin Homer@


NLCD 2016 Shrub and Grass Products

Collin Homer@


NLCD 2016 Landcover Design

Suming Jin, Limin Yang, Patrick Danielson, Jon Dewitz, Collin Homer@, and George Xian


Tutorials and Services for Working with Multiple Land Remote Sensing Data Products [poster]

Cole Krehbiel@,&, Aaron Friesz@, Tom Maiersperger, Lindsey Harriman, William (Cory) Alden, and

Chris Doescher


Analysis of Satellite-Based Water Use Dynamics Using Historical Landsat Data (1984-2014) in the Southwestern United States

Gabriel Senay#, Matthew Schauer, MacKenzie Friedrichs, Naga Manohar Velpuri@, and Ramesh Singh


Developing Unbiased Global Et Dataset using an Automated Bias Correction Approach [poster]

Naga Manohar Velpuri@, Gabriel Senay#, Stefanie Kagone, and MacKenzie Friedrichs


Expedited Start of Growing Season Estimates Assist Rapid Prediction of Invasive Cheatgrass in the Great Basin [poster]

Bruce B. Worstell, Stephen Boyte@, Danny Howard, Jesslyn Brown, Bruce Wylie, and Devendra Dahal


NLCD Future Plans

George Xian, and Collin Homer@


Mangrove Mapping and Monitoring Using Earth Observation Satellite Data

Zhiliang Zhu#, and Chandra Giri


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Nov 17, 2017